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Attention Struggling Small Business Owner:

    Your Success Is Entirely Up To You…

    Do You Have The Courage To Double Your Results In The Next 12 Months?

    You work long and hard to make your business a success, but aren’t gaining any traction…

    Everything is changing so quickly and with so many options, it’s hard to know which way to go — especially when it seems like the wrong decision could destroy your business

    But doing what everybody else is doing is a dead end leading to mediocrity and more of the same results you’re already getting.

    Aren’t you tired of putting in the time, money and effort to build your dream and only living a slowly unfolding nightmare?

    If poor financial performance is plaguing you with constant stress, disappointing days and sleepless nights, there’s a better way.

    You deserve to be as successful and fulfilled as you want…

    If you’re ready to:

    • simplify your life,
    • multiply your profits and
    • have more fun growing your business

    …you’ll need a new skill set.

    It used to be, you could just copy and improve on whatever your competitors were doing and safely assume that what was true in your marketplace yesterday, will still be true tomorrow.  

    But the marketplace has changed drastically over the past 20 years — safety is now only an illusion.

    In today’s fast moving world, the mediocre path is actually the riskier one because it inevitably leads to failure.

    Your competition is gaining on you (or already out front) and if you continue to stand still on the seemingly safe road you’re on, they will overtake you…for good.  And the business you love, that you, your family and your employees depend on for your livelihood…will be destroyed.

    I’m not being dramatic…

    The status quo is chock full of chaos and those who stagnate are sitting ducks.

    But a chaotic, changing marketplace is an environment full of opportunity.

    To turn your business around and achieve the greatness you believed in when you started your business, you need to master the art of foresight so you can recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and avoid potential problems that trap businesses that are still looking backwards.

    The hidden costs of mediocrity and lost opportunities are crippling.

    Hard work and dedication are simply no longer enough to succeed.

    Only foresight can get you to where you want to be.  

    “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself. It is acting with yesterday’s logic, basing your actions only on past experiences.” – Peter Drucker

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    And that’s where I come in.  

    Developing your foresight to its fullest potential is the most valuable skill you can have, but it requires consistent, guided practice with a strategic mentor that knows the way and can show you a long-term plan to transform your vision into reality with less time, money, effort — and risk.

    According to Stephen Denning’s Shift Index series with Forbes Magazine:

    A Big Shift is occurring and a New Normal is emerging.

    • The performance gap between winners and losers continues to increase, with the “winners” barely maintaining previous performance levels, while losers experience rapid deterioration in performance
    • The “topple rate” of big companies has more than doubled – so even previous “winners” are in danger
    • Competitive intensity in the United States has more than doubled in the last 40 years.
    • Adoption of a new “digital infrastructure” is 2 to 5 times faster than adoption of previous technological infrastructures, such as electricity and telephone.
    • “Losers” are cannibalized by competitive forces and the inability to change

    Sum effect: The way you think you should run your business is all wrong, based on obsolete models that don’t work or even exist anymore.


    The tactics that used to work, now completely undermine your business and could eventually bankrupt you.  

    Today, your focus must be on creating, capturing and delivering value.  Your tools to do so are the knowledge and assets your organization brings to the marketplace.  

    “Only 20% of the knowledge available to an organization is actually used.” – Gottlieb Duttweiler Foundation

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    If you’re stuck and completely confused about what to do next, don’t settle for less by burying your head in the sand.

    There’s a thin line between struggling and success.

    You can muster the commitmentcourage and self-confidence required to inspire your market, your team and yourself, unearth the hidden wealth available in your business right now and gain the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done everything it takes to reach full potential.

    Your path to profitability isn’t so clear anymore, but the barriers to your greatness are few…

    You simply need:

    1. A vision of your successful future
    2. A plan for achieving your vision
    3. A commitment to executing your plan

    And I’m completely devoted to giving you the first two if you’ll provide the third.

    Hi, my name is Aaron Emerson.

    I’ve worked with 100’s of businesses 1-on-1 and 1000’s of others online to simplify their business building processes and I will help you clarify your vision, master your marketing and maximize your results…if you let me.

    My dream is to MAKE MARKETING EASY so as many people as possible can DUPLICATE SUCCESS and live to their fullest potential.  

    I’m all-in on being your LIFETIME RESOURCE FOR SUCCESS.

    Things are changing fast.  

    Let me keep up with those changes so you can work on growing your business.

    I put this course together to help you avoid having to:

    • Read other marketing books, magazines and websites
    • Sign up for and sit through a bunch of salesy webinars/seminars
    • Subscribe to a never-ending stream of spammy newsletters
    • Struggle through building and launching an effective website
    • Risk and waste your time with unscrupulous vendors
    • Keep up with the endless onslaught of information
    • Spend money on “the next great thing” ever again

    In short, this course will help you…


    Without having to search for the solutions!

    Success is a process and it starts with your philosophy.

    Every business is the same in the sense that marketing is their greatest opportunity for growth. But most business owners are going about their jobs all wrong and just don’t know how to turn opportunity into reality.  

    Your job as the captain of your ship isn’t what you think it is…

    If you’re no longer willing to be a victim of circumstances and wish to truly become the master of your own fate, you need to commit to a new direction and acquire new knowledge and new skills.

    It’s vital that you understand that you’re paid to think and make sure your organization is on the right path

    Tactics are NOT your job.

    To succeed in 2018 and beyond, your job description must focus on these 3 areas:

    1. Defining and interpreting your external relationships, like your:
      1. Customers
      2. Suppliers
      3. Competitors
    2. Determining your vision, purpose and strategic position, like:
      1. Shaping and defining your values and standards
    3. Allocating human and financial resources, like:
      1. Determining the best ways to put talented people in the right jobs so they can succeed
      2. Determining how much money to reinvest in your business

    That’s it.  

    Everything else is someone else’s job

    Delegate tactics to your team.  If you don’t have a team, outsource

    It’s your responsibility to plot your course, put your people in the right place and spend your money in the most effective ways possible.  

    “In the absence of explicitly defined standards, people will develop their own; that’s human nature. – A.G. Lafley, Proctor & Gamble CEO

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    In a fast-changing world, the reality is that everyone in your organization needs to continuously update their knowledge.

    It’s no longer an option — it’s mandatory these days. The old patterns have been disrupted and so, the way you’re managing your business today needs to change, too. 

    “Strategy development is the most important leadership competency, both today and in the future, and just 4% of CEOs fall into the strategist category.” Source: American Management Association ‘A Global Study of Leadership (2005 – 2015)’

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    Stop spinning your wheels.  

    I created this course to give you a clear vision, the exact strategy and the proper tools to achieve all of your business goals.

    Just by working your way through this course, you’ll simultaneously:

    • See the true reality of where your business is today, including why it is or is not making money and its’ current strengths and weaknesses 
    • Develop the foresight to spot trends that can become opportunities or threats
    • Understand the internal and external ecosystem in which your business is situated so that you can identify areas of leverage and opportunity that your competitors are missing
    • Put together a business philosophy that lets you play to win by strategically selecting the customers and markets you want to be in and which you do not
    • Define value from your customer’s perspective so you’ll know exactly what they need today and what they will want tomorrow
    • Create a unique business model and singular strategy for delivering value to your customers and capturing market space in the process
    • Deliver a continuous stream of innovative products that leave your competitors always playing catch up
    • Position your sales and marketing people to thrive in a dynamic, changing marketplace
    • Align your people and processes so your organization can respond more quickly to new developments
    • Harness your competition, manage your resources more collaboratively and maximize your value, visibility… and virtually everything else

    Do you have the courage to grab the wheel and guide your business in a new direction?

    Join VOCAL Marketing today and:

    • Unearth the hidden wealth currently available in your business
    • Enjoy a personal transformation from stress and confusion to peace of mind and utter excitement
    • Know you’ve done everything possible to reach full potential for yourself and your business

    And do it all risk-free for an entire year! 

    If you aren’t completely happy with the progress you’ve made after 365 days, ask for and receive a full refund of your initial $97 purchase — a show of my commitment to your success.  

    If you’re committed, too, click the button below and let’s grow your business together, one small step at a time.

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